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Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting
Why choose Zeeblo?
- The people behind Zeeblo have over 4 years of experience in the webhosting industry
- We provide professional and quality webhosting services and support 
- We,at Zeeblo value customer satisfaction alot and strive to set ourselves highest standards in the field of customer support and services.
- We,provide more than just a hosting,but a great community to interact with.
- We do not limit ourselves to setting up your accounts,but provide on request installations of available scripts and help customers to deal with their site problems as well
 - No forum posting required to maintain account.
 - Hosting is AD-FREE!
- Best of all, you get it FREE! 
Zeeblo-Free CPanel WebHosting
  Vital Information 

Owner : Eric Borgos  (Impulse Communications)

Server Uptime : NetCraft          Site Uptime

Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting

Here is what our customers have to say about us and our services.

Posted By : Forgotten ( http://www.djillusion.net/ )  on November 05,2005

Without a doubt, you are 'thee' best free and paid hosting service out here today. Not only do you provide outstanding services but a extremely easy to follow signup process.

You have devoted, hardworking, employees and amazing staff. All work hard to help you with your site(s) and are always there to give you a hand. Your technical support surpassed many webhosting giants and are unmatched by all. After time you come to respect and know the staff on a personal level.

Your service contains the newest release of all the required programs a webmaster needs and them some. The tools are amazing and never short of a helpful guide when one is lost. The uptime is great, and I have never, NEVER, seen a hosting service like this before.

Thank you ZEEBLO for your amazing, unsurpassed, ability to make people's sites on the web.

And that is just the free service....

Justin Bull

Posted By : QBass   on November 05,2005

I remember when I was first learning to design web sites and everyone was hot over the free web hosting providers that were out there in the 'old west' of the web ('94 - '00). I must say, I have never found a better free hosting service than this one in all the ones I tried then (and there were a LOT). I very much hope that my site that is getting free hosting here right now gets popular enough to push me into the necessity of a paid account. I love the variety of features enabled on this host and can't imagine such a full toolbox available for a free hosting account. I also love the fact that there is an active base of hosted users actually interacting with one another here! I've gotten so used to 'not knowing my neighbors' on other hosts, that this is a very refreshing change. I hope to be around here for a long time. It looks like zeeblo has grown into something that is really worth while to be a art of.

Thank you very much!
jeffrey lewis hales
aka QBass


Posted By : Spidey   on July 24,2005

I first saw an advertisment of Zeeblo web hosting on a webmasters forum, and I thought that this offer was to good to be true. I was looking for a host just like this, and I was already a member of another. It has been 2 weeks since I requested at the other forums, for hosting, and I am still waiting. However I saw the Zeeblo community and I saw it was already full with vibrant members. I was greeted with a very warm welcome by various member who I enjoy to converse with on these boards. 

I joined when various admins were being appointed. I was happy to see all of the admins trustworthy. I could see immediatly that law and order is kept here by the various members and admins, and I help in any way I can.

Within hours of requesting an account, I was approved my account, with 100 megs, and 5gigs of bandwidth, space which I was more than happy to accept. That and with an infinte amount of upgrades you can purchuse with $Z ( the currency of the board which you earn through posting) it offers all you could want.

The members are lovely, all nice and full of knowledge - people from all across the world. The support you get from staff and members on the board is almost immediate.

All in all a great free webhost, in my opinion the best, and I would reccomend it to anyone.

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