Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting



Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting
Why choose Zeeblo?
- The people behind Zeeblo have over 4 years of experience in the webhosting industry
- We provide professional and quality webhosting services and support 
- We,at Zeeblo value customer satisfaction alot and strive to set ourselves highest standards in the field of customer support and services.
- We,provide more than just a hosting,but a great community to interact with.
- We do not limit ourselves to setting up your accounts,but provide on request installations of available scripts and help customers to deal with their site problems as well
 - No forum posting required to maintain account.
 - Hosting is AD-FREE!
- Best of all, you get it FREE! 
Zeeblo-Free CPanel WebHosting
  Vital Information 

Owner : Eric Borgos  (Impulse Communications)

Server Uptime : NetCraft          Site Uptime

Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting

Presented below are few commonyl/frequently asked questions.Please check them before seeking other modalities of support.

  • Does Zeeblo Provide Free Domain along with Free Hosting ?
    No,Zeeblo only provides subdomain but you may request domain hosting for domain you have purchased.
  • Do I need to put ads on my site ?
    No,Zeeblo maintains ad-free hosting as of now.Should this change,we shall notify all members.
  • Can I place my own ads on my site ?
    Yes,you are free to post or use any ads on your account untill it does not violate our TOS,precisely does not have pornography or pirated stuff advertisements.
  • Can I ask for more space or bandwidth ?
    You can purchase upgrades to your accounts with Z$.Z$ is our currency that you shall get every time you post in forums or help someone in forums.
  • Does Zeeblo offer file hosting also ?
    No,Zeeblo is only a webhost.
  • Do I need to post in forums to maintain my account ?
    No,We do not require you to post in forums to maintain or have hosting account.
  • How long can I use this free account ?
    As long as you continue to adhere to TOS and Zeeblo stays onlnie,you can continue to use the hosted account.We do not set your accoutns to expire at any time.
  • Can I request for Change in domain or subdomain name after I get hosted ?
    Yes,you may request change in hosting detials by submitting form for change in hosting details.
  • Does Zeeblo offer paid hosting or Domains registration ?
    No,Zeeblo offers neither of the two.
  • Is there some sort of inctivity period during which my account can be removed ?
    Once created,you need to put publically visible site in 2 weeks and if not,account is suspended.Other than this we place no inactivity period but ofcourse any account with 0 bandwidth for two consecutive months shall be assumed to be dead and may be removed.
  • Do you charge some fees to setup accounts ?
    No,we do not charge any fees to setup account
  • Does Zeeblo backup members websites ?
    No,Zeeblo does not backup member accounts.It is sole responsibility of members to back them.
  • Does Zeeblo allow IRC hosting or running chat/game servers ?
    No,We do not allow IRC hosting or running of just chat/game servers on your accounts.
  • Do you support Cold-Fusion on your servers?
    No,we do not support Cold-Fusion at present.
  • Does zeeblo provide any forum software along with hosting? IPB may be?
    Zeeblo provides CPanel and Fantastico besides Script Library and these addons do have few softwares which are licensed thru CPanel.Other than these Zeeblo provides no additional software.
  • Does zeeblo provide any kind of online editors for websites?
    File Manager in CPanel does have WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editor.
  • How many accounts can I get as a member of Zeeblo?
    One account only per member/IP address.
  • I plan to buy a domain name soon, can I change my account details from subdomain to domain later?or if i don't want to use my domain name,can i change it to subdomain later?
    Yes,ofcourse,we do provide that flexibility.
  • What language sites are allowed?
    English and Spannish are the two languages that are allowed at present but requests for them should be mad ein English ONLY
  • Can I request free site without PUBLICLY giving my name? (Will give it privately)
    No,we need all information as asked in application form.We do not provide the information to members or make it available on search engines.All submitted applications are visible to staff only,or at most to you as starter of topic,on request.

For More querries,please refer to our detailed FAQ section.