Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting



Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting
Why choose Zeeblo?
- The people behind Zeeblo have over 4 years of experience in the webhosting industry
- We provide professional and quality webhosting services and support 
- We,at Zeeblo value customer satisfaction alot and strive to set ourselves highest standards in the field of customer support and services.
- We,provide more than just a hosting,but a great community to interact with.
- We do not limit ourselves to setting up your accounts,but provide on request installations of available scripts and help customers to deal with their site problems as well
 - No forum posting required to maintain account.
 - Hosting is AD-FREE!
- Best of all, you get it FREE! 
- Easy to Upgrade Plans,so you get more space/bandwidth when you need and all free.
 - 99.95% Uptime guarantee*
Zeeblo-Free CPanel WebHosting
  Vital Information 

Owner : Eric Borgos  (Impulse Communications)
General Manager : Nishant
Messenger :

Server Uptime : NetCraft          Site Uptime

Zeeblo-Free Cpanel WebHosting

Welcome to Zeeblo's homepage. Zeeblo is dedicated to providing professional and quality cPanel webosting services for absolutely NO cost! 

Why pay for quality webhosting services,when you can get them absolutely FREE from Zeeblo! Whether it is a personal, or commercial site, Zeeblo is the host for you!  

Zeeblo caters to your hosting needs and aims to provide excellent support and service to all hosted accounts.

28.12.2005 - Account Signups are OPEN !

Zeeblo is accepting applications for new accounts.Kindly go hrough the hosting plans and submit application through our forums. 

22.12.2005 - New Hosting Plans Introduced

Zeeblo understands needs of its members and thus has come up with new and better hosting plans which will help us to serve our members better.We have raised bandwidth as well as storage space offered in the new plans.It will help us streamline our services and make them more efficient.Website Updated. 

22.12.2005 - Zeeblo Forums are Online

Zeeblo forums are back ONLINE after scheduled maintenance and changes.Feel free to use forums now.New Account Signups have not been opened yet but shall be done soon.Thanks for trusting us. 

14.12.2005 - New Hosting Account Signups temporarily disabled

New signups for hosting account have been temporarily disabled.Server maintenance is underway and its a routine procedure.Forum signups are open still.Hosting Account signups shall be opened again soon.Thanks for trusting us. 

27.11.2005 - Zeeblo has newly designed Website

Zeeblo now has a newly designed website.Zeeblo started with just a forum,then had a placeholder but now a fully developed website providing all the necessary information at one place,besides having successful forum with nice community.